Here at Polish & Shine we offer two different formats for purchasing our tutorial.

Help Session format: The help session format is a one week long group based format in which 2 instructors guide you through each step of the stacked boutique bow making process. Help sessions are usually held once or twice a month. We post tutorials each morning (picture and video tutorials) and you have all day and all night to work on the bow part that is posted for that particular day. You watch each tutorial thoroughly and then post in the assigned threads in the group for feedback and we will critique your work to help you achieve the desired results for each bow part. Both instructors are in Eastern time zone so once it hits around 9PM each night the instructors will stop responding but we do get back to you first thing in the morning. There are 2 "make up" days built into the schedule at the end of the week for those who have not been able to participate a few days during the week or just get behind because, well, life happens. At the end of the one week help session, every students move on to the Graduates group, where all of the same tutorials are located. The difference is now you've moved to the larger group and the same one-on-one help you received in the help session is not available. It's moved to more a general questions type format and other Graduates share their work and ask questions as well.

Instant Access format: Instant Access grants you the ability to gain access to our tutorials WITHOUT having to wait for a help session date. The Instant Access format is SELF GUIDED - meaning you have all access to the same picture and video tutorials that our help session students have, however, instead of us guiding you through the process, you guide yourself at your own pace. This is a great option for those with busy schedules who just can't committ to being online each day for the one week help session. We try and be sure that students are added to the Graduates group within 48 hours of purchase completion, many times it's within just a few hours. 


What supplies do I need to be successful with Polish & Shine?

***Brilliant Bow Maker 7/8" snap template - REQUIRED for TBBs*** LINK TO PURCHASE just the 7/8" snap template for $6 shipped is below, or you can purchase the entire Brilliant Bow Maker Ultimate kit, which has other templates included:

Craft button thread - Can be purchased at most craft stores as well as Walmart
Quality solid grosgrain ribbon, we recommend Offray or Schiff brands which can be purchased at several retailers, including Ribbons & Bows Oh My and Ribbon Retreat 
7/8th ribbon and 3/8 ribbon
High temp hot glue sticks
High temp hot glue gun
Super glue or e6000
Crewel Size 2 needle(s)
Sharp Scissors
Lighter for heat sealing
Measuring tool of choice